Neurodivergent Thought Leader

,Named a Learning Disability and Autism Leader and shortlisted for the Women of the Future awards, speak to me about how I can help you to raise awareness and inclusion for neurodivergent people like me.


I am autistic and have combined type ADHD, and speak on these topics, plus mental health topics, at conferences and events.



I run community sessions on a voluntary basis, and also offer paid training sessions and workshops to other organisations who are working on D&I initiatives.



I speak at conferences on neurodiversity topics, both in-person and online. Note: I do require some accommodations to save me from autistic burnout.



I also contribute to articles and resources on neurodiversity topics. These include industry publications and media outlets. Need a comment? Let me know!

Neurodiversity Experience 

Thank you so much. It was a great D&I panel, fantastically managed by Hannah.


- Andrea Short

The session was perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH; we have had such great feedback already and it's really sparked off some great conversations!


- Jane McColl

You helped me on my Autism journey, at that time you gave me that reassurance that it was something and not nothing, which gave me the confidence to speak to my GP about it, so thank you.


- Andy Frobisher